Foreclosure Help in New York

Are you facing foreclosure in New York? The first thing you should to is contact a foreclosure attorney. Just because the bank started the foreclosure process does not mean you have to lose your home. Typically, a foreclosure action takes approximately 1 to 2 years from the date the Summons and Complaint is filed. Homeowners that are more proactive in defending their foreclosure typically receive the better results.

What can I do to help save my home?

  • Pick Up the Phone. Doing nothing will not make your problem go away. Avoiding the issue is only detrimental to your situation. Be proactive and contact David I. Pankin P.C. to assist with your foreclosure defense or modification request. Call our friendly staff for a FREE consultation at 888.529.9600.
  • Keep Records. Banks will want to see your complete financial picture before offering you anything permanent. Keep copies of everything you submit to the bank. Also, keep any correspondence you receive from the bank including the envelope. This information can be useful down the road. Put it in a file and bring it with you to all court appearances. Every time you get a new pay check copy it and add it to the file. Each month you should add your new bank statement to the file. Beyond earning a reasonable income, the key to saving your home will be organization.
  • Consult an Expert. Many people believe they can defend themselves in foreclosure on their own. Sometimes they are right other times they are not. There are many qualified attorneys working in the foreclosure industry that can help you save your home. Any consultation should be free and it never hurts to sit down and hear what an expert thinks about your unique situation.  Contact Daivd I Pankin for your free foreclosure defense consultation.
  • Show Up. It may sound simple but make sure you or hire an attorney to attend your court appearances. Dozens of people miss their appearances every day. If you miss your first conference the Court may remove you from the conference calendar meaning the foreclosure process will speed up. If an emergency pops up that makes it impossible to make a scheduled appearance be sure to call the Court as soon as possible and explain your situation.

The foreclosure process can be intimidating but it’s important to remember that many homeowners enter foreclosure and come away with a modified loan with a more affordable monthly payment. Remaining calm and following the tips listed above may assist you in your efforts to help save your home.

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